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Some parents are known as homeschooling parents.  This group of parents and type of education is cause for great confusion.  Many homeschooling parents are not looking for a religious education.  They also may not want to be the person providing education to their child.  What they do want in many cases is to control the environment in which their child learns in.  For this reason they choose to teach their child at home.  However, many homeschooling curriculum is expensive and also provides little technological advances.  Now a change in the tide is occurring as we see parents who traditionally were homeschooling parents are adoption the technology of using online high schools in Wisconsin as a method of providing quality education to their children.


As we interviewed a number of parents who have recently made this switch to the Wisconsin online high schools, what we see is encouraging.  Parents believe the online program with Wisconsin certified teachers ensures that the education is preparing their child for future education in college.  They also are happy that the online classes provide their child with a diploma upon completion that is equal to any public high schools.  With this and the ability for a parent to relax knowing that the classes set up are all meeting or exceeding the requirements put forth by the Dept of Education, they are poised to ensure a quality education is granted without their hard work anymore.


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online high school Wisconsin
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